Hardwood Floor Restoration Services

Hardwood flooring repairs, restoration and refinishing services by Master Floors

Hardwood Flooring Repairs

  • Replace damaged sections if possible.
  • Sand with dust collection.
  • Refinished to your style.

Hardwood Flooring Refinishing

  • Sand with dust collector.
  • Stain or natural finishes.
  • 3-coats of Clear Coat finish.

Are your existing hardwood floors needing a face lift? Our team of refinishing experts will bring the beauty back to your hardwood floors.

We meticulously sand to bare wood removing most blemishes and old finishes. Next, we thorough clean your floors in preparation for a stain color to match your style, or leave a natural finish. We will then apply the coloring stain of your choice.

Finally, we will apply three coats of a clear varnish for a long lasting floor finish. Your floors will be ready for many more happy years of lasting beauty.

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Are your damaged hardwood floors bringing you down? We offer complete hardwood floor restoration services. We can match many types of old hardwood, removing the damaged sections and replacing with new hardwood. Then we will bring your hardwood floors back to to a lustrous and durable beauty with our expert refinishing services.

Or, do you have hardwood in one room and want to add the same to other spaces for a modern continuous flow? We will match the existing hardwood floor as reasonably as possible. We will then refinish both to bring back the original beauty to the old and the new rooms.

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