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Luxury Vinyl Flooring

We carry two distinct core technologies in this category of flooring; SPC and WPC. SPC = Stone Plastic Composite. Being a core with stone dust as its major component, we get a very dense, hard floor finish.

WPC = Wood Plastic Composite has wood dust mixed with binding and foaming agents to give a softer feel underfoot.

Two important considerations when purchasing LVP products are the wear layer thickness and the style that matches you tastes. The wear layer is usually measured in MILs or thousandths of an inch. Our economy lines are still a good option at 12-MILs or about 1/3rd of a millimeter. Our most robust wear layer thickness is 28MILs.

GemCore™ Luxury Vinyl Planks & Tiles

GemCore Topaz Manhattan

GemCore By Reward Flooring

Our GemCore™ collections are a beautiful yet durable flooring option in the Luxury Vinyl class of flooring choices. The core is a SPC rigid core made of 70% stone dust and polymer composite providing a very dense core material that is thermal, impact and dent resistant. These water resistant gems come in many styles.

GemCore’s wear layer is quartz infused acrylic coating. Thicknesses start at 12-mils (thousandth of an inch) or about 1/3 millimeter all the way up to 28-mils (3/4 mm).

Visit our GemCore collections here.
Luxury Vinyl Planks Collection

Luxury Vinyl Tiles Collections

Cortona 12 Luxury Vinyl Planks

Cortona12 Aristada

Mission Collection — Cortona 12 LVP

Our Mission Collection Cortona 12 II Luxury Vinyl Plank offers an economical option with 6 different stylish selections to choose from and match your decor.

The 6 styles come in a 7″ wide x 48″ plank, a 12-Mil wear layer, and uses a Wood Plastic Composite core technology – WPC for short. This provides a “springier” feel to the installation.

This flooring also comes with a 30-year residential and 10-year light commercial warranty.

Explorer the Cortona 12 collection.
Luxury Vinyl Planks Collection

Cortona Plus Luxury Vinyl Planks

Cortona Plus Sonora

Mission Collection — Cortona Plus LVP

The Cortona Plus collections boast 3 classes: 7″ Wide Plank, 9″ Extra Wide Plank, & the unique Herringbone Planks. They also have a 20-Mil wear layer for added scratch resistance and longevity.

This collection also boast a denser SPC stone composite core material for impact abd dent resistance.

Check out the 3 distinct collections in the Cortona Pluss line of LVP.

Explorer the Cortona Plus collection.

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